Inevitable Time Show

On May 28th the music from Inevitable Time came to life with the amazing live performance of Samadhi Dance Company and Ananda Monet. Here are some photos and a video clip from the Krishna Culture Showcase at Camden Centre, London, where this fantastic collaboration was presented to 400+ auditorium.

Read more about the show in Madhava Smullen’s article.

Event producer: Kap Monet
Host: Radha Krishna-Records in partenrship with ISKCON London – Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara and Kirtan London
Music produced by Jag at Radha Krishna Records
Vocal: Ananda Monet
Choreography: @Vraja Sundari Keilman feat. bharata natyam (song 7 ‘Infinite Moment’) inspired by choreography of Gaura Nataraj Das /Aleksej Furdak
Stunt fight scene for song 5 ‘Weapons’ by Mark Kelly & Jay Varsani, choreographed by Mark Kelly
Lights: Liam O’Callaghan
Style: Mandali Mendrilla and Chakrini
Jewellery on Ananda Monet: Kaustubha Jewells
Video credits:
Cameras: Emma O’Keefe, Adam Amlak Comrie
Vision mixer: Karishma Bolakee
Live Stream engineer: Vince Lane.
Producer: Bhakti May
Photos by Yusra Ali