Thank you’s

I offer this album and my sincere gratitude to A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha and Krishna. I am eternally thankful for this opportunity of service.
An Epic Thank You for this album goes to:3

Jag for the concept, creativity, thoroughness and perseverance;

my husband Kapila for the vision and inspiration, for always being there for me, and for your countless precious ideas throughout the whole project;

Rasa B for financial and moral support of the project;

Jai Nitai for encouragement and enthusiastic help to the label, artist and producer;

Pete for opening your studio to us, and for your incredible professionalism;

Medini-pati for spiritual guidance and strength;

Gauri for beautiful musical taste and touching melodies;

Rukmini for tolerating our schedule and putting up with the bumps on this emotional journey;

my mother Sulalita for my voice training and love of singing;

Jahnavi Harrison for your eager help and faith in the project, and for the beautiful violin;

Hari Kirtan for dedicating your wonderful voice and time to three songs of this project;

Kishori for your passionate support, Sanskrit advice and help with research;

Isvari Priya for “Tears of Destiny”;

DW Monet for the expressive photography;

my daughter Anjali for patience and all those days you happily spent at home without me or with me in the studio – you never complained, and danced to the songs so beautifully;

mother Harilila, Vrinda, Nadiya, Amala Harinam and family, Sundari, Madhva, Saraswati, Gaurangi and Tulasi for babysitting – without you I wouldn’t have been able to make this album.

A big thanks to all who generously contributed to the crowd-funding campaign and to all my friends, teachers and well-wishers who offered their help, knowledge, encouragement and support – spiritual and emotional.

Ananda Monet