Draupadi – Born of Fire

Draupadi, a great warrior princess born from fire, is dragged before the assembly of warriors where her husband, the rightful emperor, has been cheated out of everything, including their freedom.

Angry, confused, afraid and ashamed, she desperately appeals to the assembled kings for protection. She is offered none but is simply told ‘morality is subtle’. When her husband’s enemies command for her to be stripped naked in front of everyone, she at first tries to cling to her clothing, but then lets go and reaches out in prayer to her eternal friend Lord Krishna, who mystically intervenes and gives her a limitless robe. In surrendering to Him, Draupadi gains ultimate protection.

(Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Book 2: Sabha Parva, translation by K.M. Ganguli)

govinda dvārakāvāsin kṛṣṇa gopījanapriya
kauravaiḥ paribhūtāṃ māṃ
kiṃ na jānāsi keśava
O Govinda, O thou who dwellest in Dwaraka, O Krishna, O thou who art fond of cow-herdesses (of Vrindavana).O Kesava, seest thou not that the Kauravas are humiliating me.
he nātha he ramānātha vrajanāthārtināśana
kauravārṇavamagnāṃ mām uddharasva janārdana
O Lord, O husband of Lakshmi, O Lord of Vraja (Vrindavana),O destroyer of all afflictions, O Janarddana, rescue me who am sinking in the Kaurava Ocean.
kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa mahāyogin viśvātman viśvabhāvana
prapannāṃ pāhi govinda kurumadhye ‘vasīdatīm
O Krishna, O Krishna, O thou great yogin, thou soul of the universe, Thou creator of all things, O Govinda, save me who am distressed,–who am losing my senses in the midst of the Kurus”
Chorus:Sri Krishna Govinda Hare Murari Hey Natha Narayana Vasudevaya Oh all attractive one (Krishna)
Oh pleasure of all senses (Govinda)
The one who takes away all suffering (Hari)
Oh remover of all obstacles (Murari)
Oh Master (Natha)
Oh resting place of all creation (Narayan)
Oh creator of the universe  (Vasudeva)