A powerful fusion of Sanskrit and contemporary music and movement

In 2015, Radha Krishna Records presented a culture showcase to launch Ananda Monet‘s ‘Inevitable Time’ album in collaboration with Samadhi Dance Company, a multi-award winning dance company from The Netherlands. By the end of the year, Vraja Sundari Keilman, Samadhi’s artistic director, developed a spell-binding live music and dance performance ‘Atma’ (Sanskrit for ‘self’) based entirely on the music from the ‘Inevitable Time’.

Photography: Karen Scheffers
Photography: Karen Scheffers


‘Atma’, based on the ‘Inevitable Time’, is a mesmerising journey into the epic Mahabharata. The dramatic story and timeless philosophical message is brought to life through powerful songs by Ananda and expressive choreography by Vraja Sundari Keilman. 

Here’s an excerpt from a review in Dans Magazine:

‘2FOLD – Atma / Gopika shines in abstraction.
Atma is a spiritual translation of parts of the voluminous Mahabharata. I found myself in a fairy tale world from ancient India. Current topics such as how to live are brought up in Atma.’

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Choreography: Vraja Sundari Keilman
Cast: Gaura Nataraj Das Furdak, Gino Jagessar, Rasarani Keilman, Vraja Sundari Keilman, Sara Pennella, Jeffrey Stuut
Soundtrack: ‘Inevitable Time’ by Ananda Monet

Costumes: Mandali Mendrilla ATELIER, Gaura Nataraj Das Furdak
Light: Mike den Ottolander
Sound: Bart Vlot
Styling: Rasarani & Vraja Sundari Keilman
Photography: Karen Scheffers PhotographyYusra Ali Photography

Video Premiere: Rachid Pardo
Video trailer: Jose-Pablo Patricio Larrea Jorquera/ Ideal Concept LLC

Producer: STG Samadhi Dance Company, Kapila Monet, Radha Krishna-Records
Partner: Balletschool Marut Jorquera
Bookings: Theaterbureau Slot