A unique experience of mantras fused with contemporary music and dance

Enter into another realm, and experience five-thousand-year-old Sanskrit mantras, sacred poetry and songs of devotion, brought to life with contemporary music, dance, martial arts and visuals.

Hosted by Radha Krishna Records, the record company of the Radha Krishna Temple in London, and showcasing contemporary Krishna culture, the evening takes place on May 28th at the Camden Centre, near Kings Cross station.

The showcase is presented by a host of musicians and dancers born and raised in the ‘Krishna culture’. Growing up in city temples and rural ashrams across Europe, these unique artists carry an inherent love for the philosophy, music and storytelling of ancient India, expressed with ease through contemporary mediums.

‘Krishna Culture’ informally refers to the path of bhakti yoga – the practise of loving service and devotion to God, as illuminated in the Bhagavad Gita. Bhakti yoga can be practised by persons from all walks of life – it is both ancient, yet accessible and seeks to answer universal questions.

The first act ‘Inevitable Time’ is an enthralling, dynamic journey into India’s greatest epic Mahabharata. The dramatic story and timeless philosophical message is carried through powerful songs by Ananda Monet and expressive choreography by multi-award winning Samadhi Dance Company from Amsterdam.

“The tracks we’ve heard cut straight to the soul,” states the kirtan newsletter, the Bhakti Beat.

The second act ‘Like a River to the Sea’ by Jahnavi Harrison is an unforgettable experience of call and response kirtan, storytelling and sacred song. The live performance explores visuals and poetry from saints of the bhakti yoga tradition and diverse instrumentation, from the West African kora to the classical Indian cello.

Krishna Das, one of the world’s leading kirtan singers says about Jahnavi’s singing: “When she sings and plays one feels that one is eavesdropping on the music of the Gods.”

Tickets: rkrpresents.eventbrite.comFBTimeline_RK-Rec_23-02-15

Doors open at 18:30, show begins at 19:00

Venue: Camden Centre, entrance from Bidborough Street

Light refreshments served in the intermission

For more information contact Kap: +442077798593, rkrpresents@gmail.com

or visit our facebook event page

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